The Rio Plan: One Month Taster Pass

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This pass gives you one month (30 day access) to The Rio Plan. As part of the Rio Plan, you'll get workouts and accountability to help you continue to stick to your wellness goals.

Included in your 30 days:

  • Welcome Online Wellness Consult with a PT
  • LIVE weekly workouts
  • Access to 100+ workout videos (workouts are minimum 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes max.)
    • Videos include: Barre, Upper Body, Lower Body, Pilates, Cardio, Brazilian Flow, Sideline, Bums and Tums and many more!
    • Note: Workout Library videos are streaming but are not downloadable. 

(These are the bonuses you would get in the 3 month pass:

  • Bi-Weekly Accountability PT Check-ins
  • New training schedule every month 
  • Monthly PT consult call
  • First access to all virtual retreats and workshops
  • LIVE weekly workout that you get to download and keep FOREVER)

    Look out for an email from for confirmation of this pass. That email will also include a link to your workouts. At the end of the 30 days you will get an email to see if you'd like to continue with The Rio Plan. Your card will NOT be charged automatically for the following month.

    (Note: spots are capped in the Rio Plan. If it shows "sold out" then  please email and we'll reserve you a spot for the next available time!)

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