RIO PROJECT - 7 Steps to Feel Good Nakd

This secures your spot in the Rio Project: Feel Good Nakd Program. This program not only shows you how to eat healthier, train smarter and feel more confident, but it teaches you HOW to do it for YOURSELF, your own unique life, body and schedule.

You have 6 weeks and up to 3 months to work your way through the different steps to feel good naked - that includes everything from reducing stress to improving energy to changing the way you think about yourself and in your body.

Each step focuses on a different element of wellness which you put into your own unique wellness plan so that by the time your project ends, you'll have a plan on how to eat, train and work on your mindset and self-care that works for you and can evolve with you as you get stronger, healthier and move further and further in your wellness goals. 

You'll learn how to choose healthy food, design workouts, make a workout schedule, organize your day to prioritize wellness, shift your mindset about body and food and how to manage stress better. 

Here are the features included in your project:

  • 7 modules with multiple lessons and action tasks on motivation, mindset, confidence, self-care, stress, nutrition, relationship with food, emotional eating, craving management and fitness 
  • Weekly Training Schedules + lessons on how to create your own
  • Full meal plans with Grocery Lists and Recipe Cookbook + lessons on how to create your own 
  • Weekly group call for accountability and coaching 
  • 24/7 Email access to your coach
  • 32 workout videos + 4 bonus advanced workouts to KEEP
  • 2 Week Complementary access to the Rio Plan

    After securing your spot, look out for an email from me at for info on next steps to get started! Any any questions you can send direct to that email!