Starter Meal Plan Kit - Omni (all foods)

Doing the meal prep for you! Take all the guesswork out of meal planning with this Starter Kit. 

In this kit:

  1. Full meal plan (use weekly, biweekly, monthly as you like)
  2. 20 total different recipes (all are dairy-free)
  3. Grocery list for all meals
  4. Recipe swap ideas for more variety 
  5. Suggested meal prepping schedule (know when to make what so you don't waste any time and get some organizational help!)

This is ideal for getting recipes, structure and an easy-to-follow plan.  You can use it weekly, biweekly or monthly as you like. 

The goal of this kit is to do the hard work for you. Once you follow the KIT a few times, you'll get into the habit of healthy meal prep. It will start to become a regular part of your days and then you can create your own plans quickly and easily!

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