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The Rio Project is a four week wellness program for women who want to become stronger, fitter and healthier for good. We'll work together to remove the obstacles standing between you and a healthier life. We'll come up with a workout schedule and meal plans that can fit into your life while still allowing you to enjoy it. There's no crazy dieting, training obsessively or removing of the things you love. We work to find a balanced approach that works for you. 

This four week program is different because it is tailored to you. You eat the foods you like. You find the workouts you love. You fit food and fitness into your own busy schedule. PESONALIZATION MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE TO YOUR SUCCESS. 

We'll explore where you're going wrong, whether that's in your mindset, food, fitness or all the above and we'll work together to move past those blocks to a healthier life. Step by step, we'll determine what healthy foods work for you, what workouts you enjoy and what wellness goals make the most sense FOR YOU.

This is a proven coaching system that not only gives you RESULTS in just four weeks, but also TEACHES you how to keep getting healthier and fitter. Any program can get you skinnier and fitter, but this one will actually show you how to keep up a healthy life FOR GOOD IN A BALANCED WAY. Not only will you learn how to train in different ways and eat for your body, you'll also find support in me, your coach, and an entire online community of women who have done or are doing the Project with you. This community will give you the confidence to keep pursuing your wellness goals. 


The Rio Project will give you the tools and support you need to get on the FIT FOR LIFE path.

Now, let's get you started!



Don't take my word for it, here from some of the amazing ladies that have trained with me - all of them located around the world! 


“Chardet was an amazing coach and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the workouts! They are hard work but the touches of dance or even Brazilian capoeira always made it interesting! The support and effort she put in kept me on track and she was always looking for ways to fit the workouts in with my lifestyle or any unexpected stresses which made it much more achievable than any other training program I’ve ever done.  Not just the support in training but also the personal support made the experience totally worthwhile." - Kirsty H. (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


"Chardet is an amazing trainer and makes workouts interesting! She challenged us to push for more but at the same time listen to our body, and a 15min workout goes a long way. This transformed my mindset that to be healthy we don't have to starve or not enjoy tasty food but ultimately creating a balanced life." - Sylvia A. (New York, USA)


"I was sceptical at first about doing workouts online, but Chardet is so reassuring, fun and engaging, that I felt as if she was in the room with me. She seemed to know just the points where we might be struggling - psychologically or physically - and come up with the right words of encouragement. The meal suggestions were delicious and I was never hungry. This has instigated a permanent change in my life for which I feel much better inside and out." - Beth M. (London, UK)


You've probably done a wellness "kick" before. Most of us have. Maybe it was the gym for six months or maybe it was a PT. Maybe it was a detox. Maybe it worked for a while, maybe it didn't. You're tired of the yo-yo results or no results at all. This was me. I did this for five years! I worked out six days a week, sometimes twice a day. I kept my daily calories down. It worked. I got skinny. But I wasn't strong. I wasn't happy. I didn't know it then, but everything I was doing "right" was actually wrong. Only one thing works sustainably and forever when it comes to wellness: learning how to do it for YOU in a BALANCED way. 

I've now worked with hundreds of women around the world in helping them not only meet their fitness goals, but go far beyond what they thought possible. My clients are fit, strong and healthy without giving up the things they love in life. They have learned to enjoy the food they eat, the workouts they do and the active life they live. They embrace their shapes and their wellness goals and not those of anyone else.  




Online Personal Trainer


Unlike other online workouts, you're going to feel like I'm training right there with you in your living room.  I'm doing every exercise just like you. I keep the workouts lighthearted and creative so that you not only get through them but actually enjoy them too! You'll find modifications that work for you in each video too so you always feel like you're working but never dangerously past your limits. 

As a member of The Rio Project, you'll also have constant access to me, your coach and trainer. I'll be tailoring your meal plan and workout plan each week TO YOU and on-demand to answer any of your fitness or food questions. Whether you're wondering what to order at a restaurant or just need some extra support, I am here for you! 





During The Rio Project, you'll master 8 different types of workouts. The videos change each week so you'll never get bored and you'll always be challenged. Workouts range from 15 to 30 minutes so that you can fit them in however you like. You can even do them as a supplement to your regular gym workout or studio class schedule. Total training commitment is only 3 hours each week.



Online Workout Fitness Plan


The Rio Project runs in "classes." Why? When we're all on the same timeline, we can better support each other AND feel accountable. How many times have you spent money on videos or programs but abandoned them without finishing? The class structure helps fix that. Just like a class, you have peers and a support network that is doing what you're doing, when you're doing it.   (accountability) 

Also like a class, you have your teacher. Me! I limit class sizes so that I can focus on each of you individually. You can get workout videos and meal coaching anywhere but the RIO PROJECT is just as much about hands-on, personal coaching as it is about the workouts and food. Expect me to be there for you just like a trainer would in real life. You'll get a customised assessment, weekly check-ins and unlimited access to me by email, text and even a call when you need it! 

After the program, as an "alum" you will continue to have access to me. You'll also get exclusive weekly workouts and recipes. 


Healthy Meal Plans


At the start of your program, we'll go over your dietary preferences and restrictions. The goal is to come up with a healthy diet that works for you. That means I won't suggest food you don't like or don't have time to prepare.

Note that you will make your own meal plans in this program. I'll give you the support and resources you need to do that including recipes, sample days and customized guidelines. Each week, I'll also review your meal diary and see what we need to refine but ultimately you decide exactly what you eat each day. We're working for sustainability and this is what it takes to keep up healthy eating on your own. 

I also encourage everyone to try doing as many plant-based (vegan) or vegetarian meals as possible during the program. It's still fine to have meat or fish and many participants do. However, all of my recipes will be vegetarian. The point of plant-based is just to get your body more varied nutrients than you might otherwise have and to introduce you to a more diverse diet. Think of it as a challenge! 

The bottom line is that you choose whether you follow the guidelines 100% or 10%. We want to discover healthier eating that works for YOU. 



For the duration of your project AND after, you'll have access to our Rio Project Community. Here we exchange exercise tips, recipes and support. I also regularly share live mini workouts and PT Q&As where you can get answers to all your fitness and food questions. This is your one-stop for wellness motivation, knowledge and help. You'll start with your own group and once you "graduate" you'll have access to the larger group. 



The philosophy behind the Rio Project is one I've developed over the last seven years. I live and breathe it and I've taught my clients to do the same. Those who follow it are fit YEARS later - some fitter than me! You'll find that I'll motivate you without being too "bootcampy." I've trained in everything from capoeira to barre around the world and always keep your workouts fun, creative and just a little bit different. Most importantly, I've been where you are and I know how to get you further. 

I'm a NASM certified personal trainer with five years of experience training clients from ages 13 to 75, men and women of all abilities from around the world. I've taught classes in boutique studios in New York and most major gyms in London. I'm now ready to coach you in the comfort of your own home. 



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The RIO PROJECT combines the most effective methods for long-term transformation: 


Individualized coaching

Community support

Balanced & realistic approach


Our goal is to get your started on the Fit for Life path. There are Fit for Life (FFL) people and there are Just Fit People (JFP). The just fit people often have a lot in common with unfit people. To be healthy for the long term, you want to think and act like a FFL: 

  1. Fit for Life people enjoy food without worrying about if it was right or wrong to eat it
  2. Fit for Life people do workouts they like 
  3. Fit for Life people stay healthy because they want to not because they feel they have to
  4. Fit for Life people have access to a community that helps, supports and inspires them to keep getting stronger and healthier 



Don't take my word for it, here from some of the amazing ladies that have trained with me - all of them located around the world! 


"Even with an injury and lack of motivation, I was given total support and understanding with alternatives given to suit me personally. Char is very professional with a sincerely caring nature and nothing is too much trouble. You feel like you're working out with a friend." - Julie H. (New South Wales, Australia) 






"Chardet was a huge help in recognizing how much diet will impact my results! Her program was a lifestyle program that not only held you accountable for working out but eating right which was an issue for me starting the program. During the 4 weeks I have learned how to make adjustments in my diet to support my fitness goals. Most importantly Chardet was there to support me and help me through roadblocks not tell me I'm failing!" - Nikita P. (New York, USA)


"Chardet has been amazing. She helped me to get back on track with healthy food and exercises. I really enjoyed the programme with videos that make you feel like you have worked hard. Thank you very much Chardet!!" - Gladys M. (London, UK)


"Chardét was a fantastic support. Her workouts are achievable for people of all standards as there are several variations to the moves. The programme has helped with my flexibility and strength. I would recommend that anyone sign up to her workouts / programmes as you will be well supported and get results if you work hard and follow her tips. Above all, Chardét was dedicated and always accessible to us to answer any questions or if we were having a bad day/moment on the exercise or food front! Thank you! :) - Kerry M. (London, UK)



The RIO PROJECT is open to all fitness and ability levels. There are beginner and advanced videos. The Project could be a good fit for you if: 

  • You've tried different workouts but can't find one to stick to
  • You want to actually enjoy the program you're doing
  • You need some extra support or guidance with workouts and food
  • You struggle with motivation or accountability
  • You're trying to move past a plateau

During our initial assessment call, we'll tailor this program to YOUR LIFESTYLE. If you're unsure if this is a good fit, please click below to fill out the online consult and we can go over your questions and doubts then and there or by phone without any obligation for you to join the program. I'll give you loads of advice on food and fitness no matter what you choose to do! 







The Rio Project isn't for everyone, which is why I offer the option to fill out the Online Consult and set up an email/call with me before you pay. During our call/email I'll give you my professional opinion on what you can do to get healthier based on YOUR experience, YOUR preferences and YOUR lifestyle without any obligation for you to join us. However, this program is most likely not for you if:

  • You're looking for a short term fix or your only goal is weight loss
  • You're not open to trying different kinds of workouts or following new food guidelines
  • You can't work out from home (or a nearby gym where you can watch the online videos) 
  • You don't feel you have the time to dedicate to working out 3 hours per week
  • You're not prepared to eat healthy meals every day (whether you buy or make them)

As with any fitness program, you should be cleared for exercise and diet changes by a doctor, especially if you have a preexisting condition that could be affected. By participating in the program, you agree that you're in a healthy enough condition to pursue a new diet and exercise plan. It's your responsibility to disclose any injuries or illnesses during the assessment call. 







August 20th




Online Workout Plan



The Rio Project runs for four weeks. There are specific class intake dates (see below.) To get started, all you need to do is book the date you want to join. From there I'll email to get you set up with your PT Assessment Call where we go over your fitness & food history and preferences and I work with you to create YOUR custom program. 



August 20th




Each class is limited in size so that every person can get individualized coaching from me. If the group you want is full, email me to get on the waitlist at! If you don't get on this one, I'll make sure you get on the next.



For four weeks of workouts, coaching and food guidelines you'll pay the same as you would for one high-quality PT session. Unlike that PT session, the workout videos, recipes and guidelines you receive can be accessed anytime, on demand wherever you are in the world. The current price is £75 pounds (If you use a different currency, select it up top of the website and the sum will automatically update for you at current exchange rate.) 



Still not sure about something? Email me at or book a call to get the answers you're looking for! 






What to expect 

Expect to work your to the max with fun cardio routines, intense Brazilian booty exercises and flowy capoeira, all followed by poolside relax time. Whether you're looking for motivation or for your next fitness challenge, you'll find it here. All levels welcome! 

After your retreat, your journey continues with your complimentary enrolment in the Rio Project, an online, four week, personalised nutrition + training program designed to create wellness habits that work for you specifically. 


What You'll Do 

  • Eat fresh plant-based meals prepared custom to what you like by our own private chef 
  • Wake up to sunny skies and healthy breakfasts 
  • 4 to 5 hours of playful but very effective workouts, including:
    • Curvebuilding Workshops 
    • Cardio Circuits 
    • Barre Conditioning 
    • Bum Bum Bootcamp 
    • Brazlian Flow 
  • Relax poolside
  • Dine al fresco in the warm nights on our terrace



What's Included

  • Complimentary entry into the Rio Project 4 week online program after your trip to continue to help you on your wellness journey 
  • Airport transport both ways from Palma airport if you come/leave on select flights*
  • 3 night accommodation in our lovely villa
  • 4 to 5 hours of workouts per day with individual exercise assessments 
  • 2 Curvebuilding Workshops + a healthy cooking class
  • All meals and snacks
  • 2 week workout plan tailored to YOU 
  • Copies of every recipe 

*Flights are not included but can be purchased for as low as £130 depending on days/times. If you would like the free transfer please email BEFORE booking to ensure we can accomodate your flight time.



The goal is to make this retreat as accessible as possible so you do not need to pay everything upfront. If you decide to change your mind at any time up to two months before the retreat, you'll get everything you put down right back. No questions asked. If you need to cancel your spot afterward, your spot can be transferred to the next retreat or you can choose to get back 50% of your total payment. 

Price per person for a shared room (2 beds): £825
Price per person for an individual room: £1050

Deposit: 50% of total payment due to secure your spot
Remaining balance: To be paid in full one month prior to retreat start date






To move ahead with booking or ask questions, please email or purchase via the link below. There are a few options from shared room (with one other person) to private rooms (unshared.) You can also choose to pay with 50% payment or in full.