Rio Project Measurements and Photos

How to take your Measurements

HIPS = One Measurement

  1. Measure around the widest part of the hips (around the bum)

WAIST = Two Measurements

  1. Go around the narrowest part of the stomach (above belly button)
  2. Go around widest part of stomach (usually over belly button)

THIGHS = One Measurement per leg (these may be different)

  1. Measure 10 inches/25 cm above the top of the knee and then wrap measuring tape around the thigh at that point

ARMS = Two Measurements per arm (these may be different on each arm)

  1. Flex bicep and measure around biggest part
  2. Relax arm and measure 4 inches/10cm from the top of the elbow and then wrap the tape measure around that point 


How to take your Photos

You'll want to take two photos - one front facing and one from behind. It's important that these NOT BE SELFIES. You can either have another person take the photo or set a timer and use a selfie stick/book etc. to prop the camera up. In order to get the best photo you'll want to do the following:

  1. Clean the lens with cloth before shooting (it always gets dirty)
  2. Face the camera - don't look up or down
  3. Focus the camera - make sure to have screen tapped to focus on you
  4. Get good lighting - usually morning or afternoon is best (remember you want to see your amazing results as best as you can!)

What to wear? This is up to you but ideally a sports bra and shorts/bathing suit bottom as this will show you all the definition you get in the legs. Leggings won't be as helpful to you.