Documenting your starting point and end point OBJECTIVELY is very important for see your progress and results during the Rio Project. By taking your measurements, recording weight and/or taking photos, you will have OBJECTIVE evidence of your progress. 

Now it's important to note that this is just ONE measure of your progress so once you do these (and record them in your Nakd Foundation PDF or someplace safe) you will not look at them again until you complete your project. We don't want you to obsess about them.


A) HOW TO TAKE YOUR Measurements


Remember to record these measurements in your Nakd Foundation PDF (there is a template in there to use) or in a place you will remember. 

HIPS = One Measurement 

  • Measure around the widest part of the hips (around the bum)


    WAIST = Two Measurements

    • Go around the narrowest part of the stomach (above belly button)
    • Go around widest part of stomach (usually over belly button)


    THIGHS = One Measurement per leg (these may be different)

    • Measure 10 inches/25 cm above the top of the knee and then wrap measuring tape around the thigh at that point


    ARMS = Two Measurements per arm (these may be different on each arm)

    • Flex bicep and measure around biggest part
    • Relax arm and measure 4 inches/10cm from the top of the elbow and then wrap the tape measure around that point 


    B) How to take your Photos

    You'll want to take two photos - one front facing and one from behind. It's important that these NOT BE SELFIES. You can either have another person take the photo or set a timer and use a selfie stick/book etc. to prop the camera up. In order to get the best photo you'll want to do the following:

    1. Clean the lens with cloth before shooting (it always gets dirty)
    2. Face the camera - don't look up or down
    3. Focus the camera - make sure to have screen tapped to focus on you
    4. Get good lighting - usually morning or afternoon is best (remember you want to see your amazing results as best as you can!)


    Be sure to email photos privately to: team@corpaofitness with subject line RIO PROJECT PHOTOS.

    • This is if you want us to create a before/after collage for you and give feedback on your transformation! These will NOT be shared without your consent.
    • Remember to rename photos as First Name Last Initial_Day 1_Front or First Name Last Initial_Day 1_Back


    What to wear? This is up to you but ideally a sports bra and shorts/bathing suit bottom as this will show you all the definition you get in the legs. Leggings won't be as helpful to you. There is an example photo below.