Ready to get fitter and healthier without dieting or constant gym sessions?

You might be new to working out and confused about the best ways to get started on your fitness goals or maybe you're an experienced fitness addict but feel like you've hit a plateau. You lead a busy life and don't have a ton of time to figure it out - you just want to find something that works and start getting results. That's what Corpão online fitness programs are designed to do. Our programs help you get fitter and healthier even if you don't have loads of time and get bored easily in the gym. 

Corpão online programs give you that personal trainer touch from home. 

You may have tried the fitness ebooks, the apps, etc. and found it hard to commit, which is why our programs include direct trainer accountability. That means your coach is with you every step of the way so that you can succeed. We have two programs available based on your goals.

 online personal training


The Rio Project
Online Fitness Transformation Program
Nutrition + Fitness

A full training system complete with home workout videos, meal plans, grocery lists, check-ins, training schedule and community support. This program is ideal for anyone looking to make a big change quickly. The program lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

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The Rio Plan
Online Fitness Maintenance Program

A monthly program with weekly workout videos and a workout library of over 100+ videos to keep you inspired and moving on any schedule. Weekly trainer check-ins included. This program is ideal for those looking for workout ideas and exercises instead of the gym or in addition to it. 

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