Chardét: Holistic Wellness Coach


Oi gente! I've lived all over the world but Brazil has my heart; it has this unique energy about it where you feel more relaxed, welcome, confident and inspired. It was in Brazil that I started my fitness journey from a fitness enthusiast to well-being coach for women.






I'm Brazilian-American but that journey really got me in touch with my roots for the first time! When I moved to Brazil, I saw a different kind of female shape celebrated - women with curves, women without thigh gaps and women that didn't care about lifting because they'd "get big." My idea of fitness and my own body completely changed. I stopped using a scale. I stopped counting calories. I started enjoying food without guilt. I began to work out because I enjoyed it and not because I'd "get fat" if I didn't. 

The result was feeling good in my body and much happier. I created Corpão to share this wellness mindset with others. My goal is to introduce you to a balanced, active lifestyle -  to relax more, to laugh more and to enjoy more.