Chardét: Personal Trainer + Nutrition Specialist + Wellness Coach


Oi gente! As a Brazilian-American, I've always wanted to celebrate my culture with others. I've lived all over the world but Brazil is home for me; it has this unique energy about it where you feel more relaxed, welcome, confident and inspired. It was in Brazil that I started my fitness journey from a fitness enthusiast to a full-time personal trainer and wellness coach for women.

When I moved to Brazil, I saw a different kind of female shape celebrated - women with curves, women without thigh gaps and women that didn't care about lifting because they'd "get big." My idea of fitness and my own body completely changed. I stopped using a scale. I stopped counting calories. I started enjoying food without guilt. I began to work out because I enjoyed it and not because I'd "get fat" if I didn't. The result was getting into the best shape of my life and becoming much happier. I created Corpão to share this wellness mindset with others. My goal is to introduce you to a Brazilian, active lifestyle -  to relax more, to laugh more and to enjoy more. Build the body YOU WANT and that's right FOR YOU without giving up all the things you love! 

In addition to my online fitness classes, I'll share with you workouts, recipes and wellness support. I hope that I inspire you to find your own inner Brazilian spirit! As a NASM certified Personal Trainer and certified Nutrition Specialist, I will show you how to do it sustainably and healthily!