If you're soon to go on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is planning workouts, packing sneakers or planning meals. The Brazilian Method: An Active Vacation Guide is a full fitness ebook I devised with some of my favorite exercises to do while away from home. This is a full mix of Brazilian-inspired movements, cardio killers and full body toning techniques. These are workouts and tips that I myself follow and that I've been giving my clients in New York and London for years.

There's also tips on eating and drinking to keep up a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing enjoyment - it is vacation after all! 


 What you get with this ebook:

  • 32 unique exercises that can be done anywhere 
  • CardioBodyweight & Prop Workouts (lightweight props that travel well)
  • Notes on proper form to make the exercise most effective + multiple fitness levels
  • Videos & Photos of each exercise 
  • Tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling 


How is this different from other fitness ebooks or apps?

  • Exercises that travel; forget about sneakers, heavy equipment or gyms.
  • Workouts are designed to be quick yet effective to fit into a vacation schedule 
  • No need for wifi; download videos and PDF in advance of your trip and you can view them anywhere - even without a connection
  • Anyone can do these; whether you're an athlete or beginner, these can be customised to your fitness level 


What makes you a travel fitness expert? 

As a NASM certified PT and group fitness instructor, I've trained hundreds of clients around the world from Rio to London. I personally have trained for over ten years now in multiple fitness disciplines including martial arts, dance, pilates, yoga and barre. 

In this time, I've had to adapt workouts that fit into every possible setting for every type of person. I've taught in the most exclusive gyms, the busiest of public parks and the smallest of private home spaces with pets and babies all around. I've worked with those who have never trained before in their lives to those that are former marines. 

Travel has always been a passion of mine and in these last 10 years, I've traveled to over 70 cities in 27 different countries. As a trainer, I don't have the luxury to stay idle and so I've come up with some pretty creative workouts that will travel with me. Many of these are featured in this Travel Fitness ebook. They've been tested in tight hotel rooms, busy beaches, rural countrysides and the hottest of the tropics. 

You can feel confident that the exercises I give you will be effective, customisable to your fitness level and possible to do anywhere. If you still have any doubts or questions, please email me at 


Take a look at my travel fitness guide here