The Rio Plan is the first affordable home workout plan that is completely customisable to your training needs and schedule.  It offers a variety of exercises that build on each other and continue to develop levels of flexibility, strength, balance and muscular definition.

The Rio Plan is open to anyone but it is limited each month in order to make sure you still get individual attention. If you click on one of the options below and it says sold out, you'll know that there aren't currently any spots available. You can always submit your email to be put on the waiting list for the next open spot!  

What's included: 

  • 12 workouts each month total four hours of sessions which focus on every single muscle group
  • Optional Welcome Onboarding Consult 
  • Monthly email check
  • Monthly live workouts (also available as downloads after filming)
  • Quarterly PT Call (if you do 3 month option) 

Be prepared to be challenged but also find that inspiration and motivation. Keep up the Plan for as long as you need  or want to do it! Once your pass expires, you can choose to renew or take a break. 

(Please do note that once you take a break or discontinue your plan, your spot cannot be guaranteed to come back if there isn't availability.)