The Rio Plan

The Rio Plan is exclusively available to Rio Project grads. It offers a variety of exercises building on those mastered in the Rio Project and encourages you to continue to develop those levels of flexibility, strength, balance and muscular definition that you first achieved with the Rio Project. 

The Rio Plan is open to ANY Rio Project grad, whether you've completed the Project months ago or days ago. You've had a taste for what it takes to be successful with this home training and you're ready to continue! 

What's included: 

  • Weekly home workouts totalling 1 hour (3 to 4 videos per week): Brazilian Flow (30 min), Upper Body Strength (15 min), Quickie Barre (15 min), Ab Definition (15 min) &Bums & Legs (15 min) 
  • Monthly email check-in & consults 
  • Monthly live workouts (also available as downloads after filming)
  • Quarterly 30 min PT Call 

Be prepared to be challenged but also find that inspiration and motivation you found in during The Rio Project. Keep up the Plan for as long as you need to - with two different "pass" options: one month or three months. Once your pass expires, you can choose to renew or take a break.