Total Body Medicine Ball Workouts

Gym Workouts: Total Body Medicine Ball

Including a medicine ball in traditional bodyweight exercises let's you further develop balance and strength.

All of these exercises can be done without a medicine ball as well if you're traveling. The ideal situation would be to start with a medicine ball in a gym (or at home) and then continue with the movements even when you don't have access to one; you'll find that once you're back to the gym - you'll be at the same level if not better. 




Beginner: Repeat all for x2 sets 
(Working different areas in each exercise and resting them in next which allows for more recovery time)
Bridge: x10 reps (keep both feet on ball)
Asymmetrical push-ups: x4 reps (keep small), switch sides and repeat 
Squat & press: max reps in 40 seconds 
Plank Knee-ins: x8 reps 


Intermediate to Advanced: Repeat all for x2 to x3 sets 
(Working the same area for two exercises in a row, thereby reducing rest and recovery time - more challenging)
Chutinhos (single-leg bridge): x15 reps 
Squat & press: max reps in 60 seconds 
Asymmetrical push-ups: x4 reps, switch sides and repeat 
Plank Knee-ins: x10 - 12 reps 




Bridge: targeting glutes & hamstrings


Asymmetrical Push-ups: Targeting chest & shoulders


Squat & Press: Targeting glutes, quads, hamstrings & shoulders


Plank Knee-ins: Targeting core & shoulders 

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