Fitness Anywhere: Moving Circuit (Lower Body)

Fitness Anywhere: Moving Circuit (Lower Body)

Sometimes the best way to stay motivated for a workout is to incorporate sightseeing. Whether you're at home or away, try this moving circuit as a way to keep your attention focused. This workout consists of 3 "standing" exercises and 1 "traveling" exercise for the lower body. All four are done in a single flow, without rest; this will test your stamina! Repeat the circuit for time (e.g. for 20 minutes) or rounds (e.g. x4.) You can also go until tired.  

You can choose your "stations" before starting or as you go. (These will be where you'll stop to do each of the 3 exercises.) This workout was done with Wearbands but you can do with bodyweight as well. 



  • Traveling exercise: Pato Walk 
  • Standing Exercise #1: x3 wide squats 
  • Standing Exercise #2: x4 curtsey lunges, alternating sides with each rep
  • Standing Exercise #3: x4 rear leg lifts each leg 




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