Best Butt Exercises

Best Butt Exercises: Straight Quatro Apoio + Hamstring Curl


The trio are three powerful exercises to build and define your booty.  Try them separately or pair together in different combinations for more bum burn. This exercise has a pure glutes focus although you will engage your core and upper body in order to balance. 


  • Keep hips at same level at all times (avoid lifting the moving hip higher)
  • Shoulders stay above bent elbows 
  • Controlled movement throughout 



Rest on all fours on an elevated surface such as a bench (this can also be done on the floor but intensity and range of movement will be greatly reduced.) Extend one leg straight up, keeping foot flexed. At top of the movement, slowly curl heel as close to glute as possible by bending knee. Return to starting position with straight leg. 


Suggested Workout: 

Reps: Try x15, 3 sets with minimal rest between
Time: 30 seconds beginners, 60 seconds intermediate to advanced, optional 2nd set


Modifications - Beginner: 

Try first on the floor and/or make sure your surface is wider for more stability (vs. a slim bench.) 


Modifications - Advanced: 

Increase your time interval/reps or add ankle weights if available.  


See the other two bum exercises of the trio: 

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