Best Butt Exercises

Best Butt Exercises: Kika Pulse


The trio are three powerful exercises to build and define your booty.  Try them separately or pair together in different combinations for more bum burn. This exercise has a pure glutes focus although you will engage your core and upper body in order to balance. 


  • Try to stay on toes and keep chest upright with shoulders back 
  • Knees should point out to either side 
  • Engage abs to protect lower back and avoid falling forward too far 



From a turnout (heels together + toes facing away from center) rise up onto the toes and then sink down into a low squat position. Keeping hips ALWAYS above heels (never touching or booty dropping) begin to pulse upward and downward. 


Suggested Workout: 

Reps: Try x10, 3 sets with minimal rest between
Time: 15 seconds beginners, 30 seconds intermediate to advanced, optional 2nd set


Modifications - Beginner: 

Avoid sitting too low and/or try keeping feet flat (not on toes) with small space between heels 


Modifications - Advanced: 

Increase your time intervals and/or add a low isometric hold (not moving) for a few extra seconds after each set.



See the other two bum exercises of the trio: 

Straight Quatro Apoio & Hamstring Curl 
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