Barre Workout | Booty Exercises

Barre Workout | Booty Exercises

Barre Workout | Booty Exercises


Get the best exercises for booty lift and tightening in this at home barre workout! Expect sculpted thighs and a booty builder in this barre class online!

Using barre with chair you can do these butt exercises at home and feel all the burn! Like all lower body Corpão Fitness workouts this one is going to have some major butt lift exercises to get you results!

See the workout video HERE 

Barre Workout | Booty Exercises


Barre workouts are ballet-inspired fitness classes that use the similar positions and movements from ballet to strengthen the legs and core. Using these dancer-influenced movements, you're able to deeply tone and tighten the lower body in unique ways that other workouts cannot easily replicate.

Every barre workout and barre instructor is a little different and influenced by their fitness background.

Those barre instructors that have a dance-heavy background will tend to focus on flowing, big movements and fast transitions between exercises. On the other hand, those barre instructors with more of a fitness background (like me) will focus on holding the movements for longer and mix them with classic exercises from other fitness disciplines.  It's important to try multiple styles and instructors because you may prefer one type of barre workout over another. 

The one thing that all barre workouts have in common is the use of range of movement, pulses and holds to really target and define the muscles. 

To get a taste for a more fitness style, try my Barre Workout with Booty Exercises here. 


The beauty of barre workouts is that you don't need any equipment at all. Many online barre classes will use Pilates balls, bands and weights but if you do the movements correctly you can feel the muscles working without any of these - they're just nice extras. 

The effectiveness of barre workouts comes from the way the movements work into every muscle (including those you don't use much) through contraction and extension of key joints throughout the body.

The addition of heel lifts (releve) further adds difficulty by increasing your weight load and challenging your balance. The strategic use of pulsing movements and holds also allows you to work into muscles longer without realizing it (or maybe you do but it's worth the burn!)

I've been working out for 15+ years now and my legs became their strongest when I started doing barre - much more than anything I ever did in the gym. 

This isn't surprising if you think about it; how amazing are dancers' bodies, right? It's that total body training and attention to precision plus form that sculpts the muscles beautifully! Doing Barre workouts x2 a week will have a huge impact on your toning (muscular definition) results!


Typically you would do Barre classes in a studio which would have a stand-alone or wall-connected barre to use as a support. 

The benefit of a studio barre is that it's the perfect height for most people and it allows you to get deeper into movements because you don't have to worry about it falling over. 

The downside of a studio barre class is that you can become very dependent on the Barre for support.

You should only be using the Barre with a light grip and, instead, use the strength of your legs and core to support you. This is why doing Barre at home can actually be very beneficial and give you great body toning results!

By just using a chair, sofa or kitchen countertop for your home barre workout, you're going to use more of your leg and core strength to balance. This is the way Barre is meant to be!

This Barre Workout with booty exercises will show you exactly how to use a chair to work into the glutes and booty!  

Barre Workout | Booty Exercises


The best booty exercises or glute exercises are those that get deep into the glutes and supporting muscles (hamstrings, thighs, core, etc.) without too much strain on the knees or back.

This is why barre workouts are ideal for booty exercises; they show you how to train the booty and supporting muscles without jumps or heavy weights. 

Barre workouts also encourage heavy core activation, which is critical to avoid lower back pain (something very common among those working the glutes through heavy weights or machines.) 

The best booty exercises also involve a mix of range, pulses and holds in order to work into the muscles for longer and in a variety of ways. Barre does this very well with the typical pulse and hold combos!

Finally, some of the best booty exercises are single-sided.

Single-sided exercises mean that you only work one side of the body at a time. This allows you to push more weight onto a side, thereby increasing your weight load and difficulty. Barre will always have several single-sided movements for the booty and other parts of the lower body!

Try this Barre Workout with Booty exercises to see the difference!  

Barre Workout | Booty Exercises



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Barre Workout | Booty Exercises that give you the best lift and sculpt right at home without any equipment. Full workout available!