Your GLOW SUP experience starts with a drive just outside of the Split city center to the gorgeous and calming beach of Stobreč. Here you won't see crowds of tourists, massive ferries or market vendors. Instead, this is a place where locals live, swim and relax.

When you arrive to your destination, you'll walk up to a nearly deserted beach with the cityscape in the background. As the sun slowly sets behind you, it brings out some of the most gorgeous golden and pastel colors you can imagine. This is the backdrop for your paddleboard lesson (or review if you're more advanced.) Once you hop on your paddleboard, you paddle out to sea as the sun goes down.

Each paddleboard has a unique LED light pack strapped on so that it glows. There's already something magical about being in the ocean at night but having the glow light beneath you just intensifies this feeling. Combine this feeling with clear skies, bright stars and calm waters, and you will feel completely  transported to another world. 

As the sky gets darker, you paddle from the ocean into a small adjoining river. The river water is so clear and your glow light so bright that you see straight to the bottom. The fish will swim right up your board, attracted to the light, and flow along with you downstream.

Your guides are helpful, funny and encouraging. They let you take the tour at your own pace - whether you're a fast paddler or a slow rower. I really love this about the tour because I can be both types! There were moments when I wanted a tough workout and was moving as fast as I could and others where I completely stopped paddling, to lie on my back,  look up at the stars and let the current pull me along. 

The tour ends all too quickly; the fact that two hours can fly by so fast is testament to just how enchanting this experience truly is! You'll feel renewed and optimistic as you paddle to shore.  (If you have leftover energy there's a floatie obstacle course to try before you head back to the beach. Hey, no one can see you wipe out at night!) 

Stand Up Paddling Adriatic run Glow Tours for most of the year. It will cost you about 38 euros. Be sure to book in advance so that you don't miss out! To find out more or to book, visit here



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