Top Workout Panty Picks

Top Workout Panty Picks

What would be the single most important thing to you if you had to jump, dance or twerk for hours?  

As a fitness professional, my job is to do all of the above and there is no other item that I care more about than a good pair of panties. My leggings can be on point and my sports bra comfortably snug, but with the wrong pair of panties? Nothing else matters. Most of you ladies know that's true! How can you focus on giving your best in a workout with bunching and pulling in the groin area on your mind?

How many times have you stopped mid-sweat session to run to the bathroom or hide in a corner of the gym and pull out an uncomfortable wedgie? How many times have you finished a workout and stripped off your clothes because you want to remove that vertical tightrope? It doesn't have to be like that! 

I regularly get asked by female clients how I don't have any panty lines. (Yes, my clients feel comfortable enough to ask me that - I don't mind.)  That's the wrong question though. Sure, eliminating panty lines is nice. But forgetting you're even wearing panties? That's the real goal. Here's my advice on finding the perfect workout panty.



Most panties are not made for working out. That's the truth. There are companies that manufacture "sports underwear" but most of the time that just means that they've combined antimicrobial material with the conventional panty shape. On the material side, that's great; your traditional polyester blend won't cut it when it comes to all the sweat and bacteria generated from working out. On the shape side, it's not so great; most of us don't fit the standard panty shape. We struggle as it is with a normal day of movement, let alone intense movement filled with twists, jumps and dancing. This is doubly true with wider hips and bigger bottoms - your lower body can swallow your panties!

You have to do your research to find the right material and the right shape (for you.) 



If you're serious about working out and about comfort, I recommend that you buy 10 different types of panties from 10 different companies. Try them out in different workouts. Pay attention to how they feel. Which ones moved with you? Which ones did you forget you were even wearing? Use those. 

The three panties below are my top recommendations. These babies have been put through everything from HIIT sweat sessions to high kicks in ballet barre. They've earned a spot in my underwear drawer. Keep in mind that different panties work better with different shapes.


VS Sexy Smooth Raw Cut Cheeky Panty

Why I like it? Full coverage without panty lines or bunching. 
What I use it for? Weightlifting or cardio 


Under Armour Women's Power In Pink Pure Stretch Thong 

Why I like it? It feels snug but not too tight, allowing for maximum range of movements
What I use it for? Barre, Pilates 


Moving Comfort Out-of-Sight Thong 

Why I like it? It has that "barely there" feeling yet still sits securely in place.
What I use it for? EVERYTHING! This is probably my favourite if I had to choose. 


  • The material should be soft to the touch and made with antimicrobial fabric.
  • The waistband should rest comfortably on the mid part of your hips (or lower if a low cut) but never above them. Unlike high-waisted leggings, high-waisted panties will restrict your movements and tend to bunch up. 
  • The elastic bands around your waist and legs should be snug but not tight. (You should never take off your panties and see red lines from where circulation was cut.)



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