PT Picks: Healthiest Summer Smoothies

PT Picks: Healthiest Summer Smoothies

I love a good smoothie - the fruitier and brighter the better.  But just like calling it a workout doesn't make it so, naming it a smoothie doesn't make it necessarily nutritious. Most important to remember is that by liquifying fruits, you're increasing your multiplying your fruit intake in a way that your body wouldn't otherwise be able to sustain. In other words, you wouldn't be able to eat a banana, strawberries, a coconut and an apple all in one go but with a smoothie (or juice) you can. This is why you want to practice with moderation - too much of good thing can be too much - sugar. 

These are my top 5 picks for clients, they pack a flavour punch and balance fruit sugar with some nice veggies. Still, you don't want to slurp these every day but they'll do you good as an occasional breakfast pick-me-up or afternoon treat. These are in no particular order and feel free to edit them to taste as you need to - sometimes just an extra date or a tiny bit of raw honey will do the trick. Give them a try: 


1) The Berry Spinach Smoothie (number two on this Paleo guide)

Why? It's got the sweetness of raspberries but the substance of spinach and uses water (instead of juice) as a mixer. 


2) Creamy Orange & Avocado Smoothie (number four on this Paleo guide)

Why? You get the lovely fiber benefits of kale, the good fat of an avocado but in moderation and, again, just water as a mixer. 


3) The Zucchini Cacao Smoothie (found here)

Why? You couldn't pack in any more veggies here! Such a good nutritious mix with a bit of a chocolatey taste to help it go down better. The add-in suggestions are great as well for an extra health boost. 


4) Vegan Detox Green Monster Smoothie (found here

Why? The name is ridiculous but the nutrients are not! With three different types of veg, this one has an excellent ration of green to fruit. 


5) Papaya Smoothie (found here

Why? It has that tropical summer feel but without loads and loads of mango (there's actually no mango.) I recommend subbing the juice with fresh chopped pineapple and add water as needed. 


Looking for another type of smoothie? Email me at and I'll see what I can put together! 


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