PT PICKS: Gadgets to make your fit life easier

PT PICKS: Gadgets to make your fit life easier

As an instructor, I curate every detail before you come to my class - from how the mats are laid out to the music I play, the lights and the temperature in the room. I want you to walk into my class and be ready for a good workout - without any obstacle in your way. If you prefer classes to gym workouts, this may be a strong reason why; you can just focus on the sweat game and forget about the details. 

That all changes when you leave the nice, comfy environment of a class studio. If you're working out in a gym, the music could be too loud. The temperature can be too cold. Maybe someone is in your personal space (this is always a problem!) If you're working out in a hotel, it could be too cramped. If you're working out outside, there could be too many people on your jogging path. Whatever it is, the only place where you're going to recreate that nice "everything is on point" feeling is at home (In which case, I've got you covered with that here.)

OTHERWISE what you can do is get closer to gym happiness with a few gadgets. These are all from my personal gym bag stash. I receive nothing if you buy them but I want to share them because I know they will help: 



This is an expensive one. It's not cheap but if you are working out more than x3 a week, you will want these. Imagine being able to jump, sprint, even dance without having a cord to restrict your movements. Imagine hot having to carry your phone or have it fixed to your arm in a workout case! The freedom is real and it feels amazing. I will never go back. These are the ones I use; they are specifically designed for the athletes/fitness enthusiasts.



As old school PT/gym class as this may seem it really does make a difference. Breaking your workout into time segments makes it more manageable. I usually do a 60 minute workout divided into 6 ten minute segments. I'll use my stopwatch for each of these 10 minutes. This way I don't have to worry about it making an annoying ding sound that interrupts my music once I finish. Sometimes I may finish sooner than 10 minutes and sometimes I may need more time - but that 10 minute marker at least keeps me on track and makes me feel accomplished. (This is also how I design a lot of my classes by the way - so I know it works on others too!)

With a stopwatch, I also don't have to unlock my phone to see how much time is left or be distracted by messages and emails that pop up. Of course, if you're doing an interval workout (HIIT etc) you'll probably want to use an app instead. Otherwise, why not go phone-free for 40 minutes or so? 

This is my baby that has gone across parks and oceans with me. I hope it's as good to you!



I pack my own equipment because then I don't have to worry about waiting around for someone else to finish, hope that what I need will be there or (and this is a biggie) find it covered in sweat. If I'm working out outdoors, I like equipment to keep it interesting.

There are certain things that are impractical to carry around such as medicine balls or sandbags. However you can carry around resistance bands, pilates balls, jump ropes and ankle straps (for the cable machine.) All of these are lightweight and add some variety to your gym routine or outdoor workout:

Jump rope 
Mini Resistance Bands 
Pilates Balls
Ankle Straps 


Have gadgets or equipment that have helped you enjoy your workouts more? I want to hear them!




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