Each year I take a group of ladies to a gorgeous lakeside villa, surrounded by mountains and doused in Italian sunshine. In many ways, this is your typical getaway - we relax poolside or take a dip in the lake, take scenic hikes and enjoy yummy food prepared by our own personal chef. There are just two key differences; everything we eat is healthy, plant-based food and we train, hard.


This is a different type of vacation, a different type of retreat. This is the holiday you give yourself when you want to reboot. It’s a balance of enjoying life in the gorgeous setting of Lake Como, Italy AND doing four to five workouts each day. It’s the trip that you walk away from stronger, more motivated and healthier while still having a little jetset treat. This is the Curvebuilding Retreat.


My name is Chardét I’m a personal trainer and founder of this amazing little getaway. I spent years training clients around the world – from Rio to New York and London. I created the Curvebuilding Retreat because I have clients that love to travel but that also want to feel rejuvenated and healthy when they go back home. Not every trip has to be like this and most won’t but this yearly little gem is a treat for all the ladies who come with me. It’s our reset before summer.

This year, we’re going to Lake Como, Italy on May 25th – 28th.  This is an exclusive peek into our retreat – our recipes, workouts and photos to inspire you and keep you fit.


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