Home Workout are Better than the Gym?

Home Workouts Better than Gym?

Home Workouts Better than the Gym?

Wow did things change since last week. How are you all holding up? It is crazy times with the corona virus outbreak and all the precautions. I know there's not much we can do about the hysteria and hoarding BUT one thing we can control is our habits and our response. 

So if you're used to being healthy and fit and worried about being stuck at home without your usual routine, this post is for you!

Before you freak out about being stuck at home with no gym/classes - either because you think you'll be bored or lose results, you should know something....

You can actually get fitter from home.

Hear me out...because I know you may be shaking your head right now....

I've worked with women at home for the last 7 years (either in-person or online) and I can tell you that training from home DID not stop them from getting amazingly fit and healthy. 

If anything, they worked HARDER and that's because:


An online/home workout is usually extremely well planned.  As youtubers/instructors, we know your attention span is less than when at the gym. We also know exactly what equipment is available (not always case at the gym.) That means the workout can be very targeted.


When you don't have to wait for weights, machines or stop to chit-chat, you work harder for longer. You also have shorter rest periods because your workouts are shorter and all the above distractions/obstacles are not in your way.

To give you an idea, I don't really do much cardio but because of teaching home workouts, with minimal recovery time, I can keep up with most runners and never need all the time given in a HIIT session. That's the power of stamina building at home for you.


How many times has something unexpected got in the way of the gym or a class? Sometimes you also may just not feel like going. With home workouts, you don't have as many excuses or obstacles. A good, focused 20 minute home session is enough and often worth as much as an hour in the gym.

Home workouts also don't have to be isolating! They CAN be social as you'll see in my my LIVE FREE 
10 Day Home Gym Challenge

It's happening right now. Come join us!

Women around the world are LIVE working out together!

You can also ask me any home health and fitness questions after every single live workout. 


As always if you need any help in navigating fitness and nutrition, I am here to chat with you. Just send me an email: oi@corpaofitness.com 

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