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Healthy Living | How to take a wellness reset from home

Healthy Living | How to take a wellness reset from home

There’s something so amazing about a fresh start — the chance to just leave behind mistakes and begin again. Yes, there’s a lot to be said about sticking it out but sometimes? Sometimes you’ve got to go back to 0 to get to 100. You’ve got to reset.

Here’s the 4 step reset process that I’ve used with clients. It works really well without being overwhelming and you can do it without leaving home!


Pick one day of the week to observe. Start from the moment you wake up and keep going until you go to bed. Record EVERYTHING. Why? It’s tough to know exactly what you need to reset without knowing where you’re going wrong. The answer isn’t always as obvious as you think.

Give specific focus to these areas if you're focusing on wellness:

  • Your Habits (what helps and what holds back)
  • Meals & Eating Patterns
  • Mindset
  • Time Management
  • Physical Activity


Once you’ve recorded everything, reflect on the data for at least 30 minutes. What is working well for you? What’s holding you back? Where could you improve?

It’s also a helpful practice to get an external opinion on this. You could ask a friend, roommate, partner, colleague or coach. What do they see you doing that is really good or where could you improve? Write all of these ideas and suggestions down so that you can reflect properly. 


MINI COMMITMENT 3: Design a Better Day in small ways

Using your assessment, look at what you could do differently from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Keep this realistic and attainable. Yes it would be amazing to wake up doing yoga and sip tropical juice by the pool in a foreign country, but that’s not always possible. (I mean sometimes it is….)

Some ideas might include waking up 15 minutes earlier, drinking water when waking up, sitting down for lunch, leaving earlier for work or doing a 15 minute workout as soon as getting home. Here's an example to help inspire you:


7:30am Wake-up (Better: Get up 7:15am)

8:00am Run to Shower (Better: Meditate 5 minutes)

9:00am Run out the door (Better: Leave calmly at 8:50am)

9:30am Grab a croissant to go (Better: Buy/bring a healthy breakfast and eat slowly at work)


These are just some inspiring ideas on how your "home reset" can start. Notice these are all small steps. Together, they add up to quite a lot though so you'll want to be sure to look at commitment 4 so that you don't get overwhelmed...


MINI COMMITMENT 4: Pick Your Improvement Trio

You're not going to change everything in a day. There are a lot of small choices you make every moment that build up to the way you feel by the end of it. In themselves these choices don't seem like much but when added together? They are VERY powerful. That can be good but it can also be challenging if you're trying to reset.

So remember this... changing everything in one go will not work in the long term. This is why lifestyle changes are better than diets and why working out consistently x3 a week is better than killing yourself in the gym x6 days a week.

With this in mind, you want to pick 3 things MAXIMUM in your day that you will improve. Then decide on a timeline; how long you want to focus on just these 3? You could take 1 week, 3 weeks etc. Be honest with yourself about how long you think it will take. 

To give you an idea, I divide this trio reset into these categories: Food, Fitness & Mindset when I work with clients. An example of this might be:


WEllness reset example


Big Goal: Eat healthier  
Small Goal for next 3 Weeks: Eat healthy breakfast


  • Plan for the week and buy needed groceries
  • Prepare the night before for expected busy mornings
  • Always eat between 7am – 10am (this could be any time slot you choose)



Big Goal: Feel more energetic during the week  
Small Goal for next 3 Weeks: Add small bursts of physical activity during day


  • Do at least one 15 minute workout every Monday
  • Take the stairs
  • Walk to any destinations that are 15 minutes or less away



Big Goal: Decrease stress   
Small Goal for next 3 Weeks: Make mornings less stressful


  • Wake up 5 minutes earlier
  • Do a 5 minute meditation after waking
  • Don’t look at phone until fully dressed



Your reset is right there waiting for you. You just have to be ready to make a few small commitments each day in a thoughtful way. Doing even one of these mini commitments will put you on that amazing restart path. What will you reset? 



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Healthy Living_How to take a wellness reset


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