Living Well Morning Stretch Routine

Living Well: Best Morning Stretch Routine

The best morning stretches should be dynamic to get your body moving, energy going and kicking in your metabolism to stimulate hunger and appetite. You also want stretches that release tension from the areas that are commonly constricted during sleep: neck, lower back and shoulders.

So what's the best morning stretch routine?

Yoga is one of the best morning stretch routines you can do for the body. It can be dynamic in the Vinyasa style and has a variety of poses that go deep into typically sore muscles after a long night's sleep.

As ancient as yoga are the 5 Tibetans. These are a series of 5 exercises that target every area of the body and are done in a specific sequence. Traditionally, the goal has been to do each movement for x21 repetitions. Personally, I skip the first one (spinning) as I find it disorienting but I've included it in the video so that you're familiar with all 5 movements and can choose for yourself.  Some of this morning stretch routine has been modified with variations of the traditional exercises so that  more gentle on the joints. 

Many people report increased flexibility and core + upper body strength from doing this morning stretch routine repeatedly! Give it a try tomorrow and see what you think!


Morning Stretch Routine: The 5 Tibetans

Focus: Overall strength & flexibility (Ideal for morning stretch routine) 

Living Well Morning Stretch Routine  

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