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Travel Series: Blackberry Burst Smoothie

Every week I post a sweet or savoury, healthy recipe to welcome in the weekend!


This Recipe 

Cooking and eating properly is already difficult but when you add a busy day or a day of traveling, these become even tricker. This recipe is the first in my Travel Series; a collection of fit foods and drinks that you can make quickly and take with you wherever you go. 

This smoothie gives you a hearty dose of fruit (and fiber!) plus a burst of energy and a dollop of protein to keep you alert + sated. 

Makes 1 bottle or 2 cups 

Smoothie Ideas


  • 1 handful of mixed blackberries and blueberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 pear 
  • 1 cup or 240mL cashew milk 
  • 1 date (optional, adds sweetness)
  • Slice of lime 
  • 1 small spoon bee pollen (for protein and vitamins)
  • 1 small spoon guarana (for energy) 
  • 1 big spoon of almond or peanut butter (optional - this will add thickness)


First, prepare your fruit: peel and deseed the pear, deseed the date and rinse your berries well. Next, combine prepared fruit and other ingredients into a blender or food processor. For the lime, just squeeze a bit of juice into the mixture. Blend until smooth. 

Serve at that moment or take the berry goodness to go in a bottle! 

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