Chilli & Coco Butter Strawberries (Quickie)

Chilli & Coco Butter Strawberries (Quickie)

Every Friday I post a sweet or savoury, healthy recipe to welcome in the weekend!


This Recipe 

You've had dipped strawberries but not like this before. This recipe combines three simple ingredients to give you that same sweet and buttery combination of chocolate and fruit but with a twist...and much healthier! 

We use coconut butter, chilli and bee pollen to dress up strawberries for taste and nutrients. The coconut butter is a source of healthy fats AND fiber (as it's made from raw coconut meat,) while the bee pollen contains loads of protein and amino acids. The dash of chilli gives this treat some color and a spicy kick. Enjoy these by themselves or with a cheeky glass of prosecco. You may prefer these to the originals! 


  • 12 - 14 fresh strawberries with stems left on
  • 1/4 cup or 57g melted coconut butter 
  • 1 small bowl of bee pollen (I used this one)
  • 1 small spoon of red chilli powder (more if you prefer spicier) 
  • wax/parchment paper 



Pour the melted coconut butter into a wide bowl that will work well for dipping. The butter should be liquified but still "stick" to a spoon. (Overheating the butter can cause wateriness. You can fix this by popping bowl into the fridge for 10 minutes.)

Now, stir chilli powder in with the melted coconut butter until it dissolves. Dip strawberries into mixture and cover them as much as you like. 

Get ready to roll your strawberries! Begin by spreading bee pollen out on a flat surface (plate or cutting board will work well.) Once you're ready, gently roll coconut butter strawberries around in the pollen until it sticks. Place finished strawberries on wax/parchment paper and pop in the fridge for 20 minutes so that the oconut butter can solidify. 

Enjoy these as a sweet, healthy snack. Remember to keep in cool dry place!