Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Go | Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Go | Tropical Smoothie Bowl

October 29, 2019

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Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Go | Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Healthy smoothie recipes are one of the most underrated breakfast recipes to go but they shouldn't be! You get all of your nutrients and some energizing carbs in one drink that usually tastes so good! 

As a wellness coach, I prefer smoothie bowls to smoothies as a regular breakfast option because you get a lot more whole ingredients (nuts, seeds, etc.) than you would otherwise if you were just drinking your smoothie. This makes the recipes more filling, easier on the digestive tract and helps to prevent overconsumption of carbs and sugar (harder to avoid when everything is in liquid form.)

Try this tropical healthy smoothie bowl for those days you want energy and a taste of sunshine! (This one is Hawaii inspired!)

This is a five ingredient or less AND 5 minute or less healthy recipe!

Makes: 2 servings
Prep Time: 5 minutes (overnight freezing)
Total Time: 5 minutes  


  • Fiber (Kiwi, Pineapple, Papaya, Nuts, Seeds)
    Nutrient Dense Carbs (Papaya, Nuts, Seeds, Kiwi, Pineapple)
    Protein (Nuts and Seeds) 

Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Go | Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Tropical Smoothie Bowl Ingredients 

  • 1/2 papaya, de-seeded, cubed and frozen
  • 1 cup pineapple chopped and frozen
  • 1/4 cup coconut yogurt
  • Juice from 1 orange
  • Juice from 1 lime

Recipe Steps

  1. Once you've frozen fruit, take it out and leave to defrost for at least 15 minutes (this is an essential step!)
  2. Next add frozen fruit plus coconut yogurt to blender/food processor and blend until smooth
  3. Top with fruit, nuts and seeds of choice! 

    Bom apetite! 

    Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Go | Tropical Smoothie Bowl

    Healthy Breakfast Recipes To Go | Tropical Smoothie Bowl

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