Kika Pulse

Kika Pulse


Three signature moves from the Bum & Beach Series. Try them separately or pair together in different combinations for more bum burn. This exercise targets the inner and outer thighs as well as the glutes. There's also balance training involved for a further challenge. 


  • Try to stay on toes and keep chest upright with shoulders back 
  • Knees should point out to either side 
  • Engage abs to protect lower back and avoid falling forward too far 



From a turnout (heels together + toes facing away from center) rise up onto the toes and then sink down into a low squat position. Keeping hips ALWAYS above heels (never touching or booty dropping) begin to pulse upward and downward. 


Suggested Workout: 

Reps: Try x10, 3 sets with minimal rest between
Time: 15 seconds beginners, 30 seconds intermediate to advanced, optional 2nd set


Modifications - Beginner: 

Avoid sitting too low and/or try keeping feet flat (not on toes) with small space between heels 


Modifications - Advanced: 

Increase your time intervals and/or add a low isometric hold (not moving) for a few extra seconds after each set.


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