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Home Workout: Towel Exercises

Total Body Home Workout

Strength training for upper and lower body with dynamic sliding movements using just towels!


Cinderella Ab Circles Exercise

  • Abs engaged to protect lower back 
  • Roll entire upper body forward as extend arm away and roll entire body backward as bring arm back to beginning of circle 
  • Avoid dropping the hips, they should stay somewhat elevated off floor 
Beginner Modification

Reduce size of your circles by extending the arm out to a shorter distance 



Chair Lunges + Circles (Leg Exercise)

  • Abs engaged to protect lower back 
  • Keep knee closest to floor (wall, etc.) bent at all times
  • Chest should stay up with shoulders relaxed and down away from ears
Beginner Modifications

Reduce range of movement by lunging back less and keeping circles smaller, also try doing circles in only one direction instead of both