Vegetarian & Vegan Groceries List - Week 1

Vegetarian & Vegan Groceries List - Week 1

 This grocery list is based on suggested meal plan. Feel free to cut/add where needed and according to your taste! 


4 lemons (for morning water)
1 carton strawberries
1 papaya (optional for smoothie) 
3 apples minimum 
3 bananas minimum 
Fruit of choice for breakfast (ideally berries) 3 limes (for cooking/flavor)
Fruit of choice for smoothies (usually berries mixed with banana - you'll be planning for 2 -3 smoothies) 
1/2 pound or 220g green tomatillos or underripe tomatoes (for Salsa Verde) 
3 fresh big tomatoes (for Chana Masala)
1 carton cherry tomatoes (for salads and omelettes) 


2 bags mixed green salad of your choice 
1 cauliflower head or 2 packets Cauli Rice
1 bag/bushel asparagus 
1 bag spinach leaves (can be baby spinach)
2 red onions (for cooking + in salads)  
2 yellow onions (for cooking) 
1 bag romaine lettuce hearts (for Vegan Taco Salad)
6 courgettes/zucchini (for Zucchini Fettucine & Pesto) 
4 or small bag Jalapeño Peppers (for Salsa Verde & Gazpacho) 
2 large bell peppers (for Traditional Gazpacho
1 large cucumber 
3 sweet potatoes (2 for lunch and 1 for Portimão soup
1 large potato (for Portimão soup) 
2 packs cubed butternut squash or 1 fresh whole one (for Lunch and Poritmão soup)



1 carton dozen eggs (Veg)

1 tub Coconut or Greek Yogurt
1 carton of almond/cashew milk (ideally unsweetened) 
1 packet organic parmesan cheese (Veg and optional for the Zucchini Fettuccine & Pesto)
1 box organic BAKED falafels
2 cans/1 bag your choice legumes: lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, etc. 
1 to 2 cans chickpeas (for Chana Masala + optional in salads) 
1 can black beans (for lunch) 
1 can kidney beans (for Portimão Soup)
1 bag walnuts (for Vegan Taco Salad)
1 bag hemp protein (or other plant-based option - this is optional) 


For Cooking/Flavor 
2 cans whole fat coconut milk 
1 bushel coriander/cilantro
1 bushel green onions 
1 bushel parsley
1 box organic veggie bouillon cubes 
1 small pack of fresh basil leaves 
Vanilla Extract 
1 small can/carton Coconut Cream (optional)
Garlic bulbs 
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Ground Cumin
Chilli Powder (optional)
Garam Masala
Garlic Powder
Ground Coriander
Ground Pepper
Bay leaves
Ground Cinnamon 


1 bag UNSALTED almonds
1 box Paleo Granola, you can also make your own  (note: list does not include ingredients)
3 Nakd Bars or other organic, natural fruit bars 
1 big carton coconut water 
1 bag quick polenta (for Vanilla Polenta) 
1 bag chia seeds 


Organic Raw Honey or Maple Syrup (V)
Jar organic Tahini Sauce
Jar organic raw almond butter 
1 unit/box/carton Cacao Powder 
1 carton organic salsa (for Taco Salad, can also make your own) 
1 carton organic guacamole (for Taco Salad, can also make your own) 




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